Welcome to Sidra Diagnostic Center. SDC provides latest technologically and economically appropriate diagnostic and prognostic investigations.
For Blood and Sample collection at your door step simply call us on 9167 00 77 33 or WhatsApp on 9167 00 11 33.

About Us

Sidra Diagnostic Center (SDC) primary focus is to serve the community with quality care and compassion. Our skilled and professional team is here to offer a comprehensive menu of tests using the latest equipment and technology in providing reliable and accurate results. We focus on the delivery of outstanding customer service with core values that outline our principles of respect, responsiveness and consistent results.

SDC is one of the prominent testing center in south Mumbai, providing diagnostic services and pathological tests for the communities in Mumbai. The center offers a portfolio of wide range of clinical analysis in the areas of Immunology, Hematology / Coagulation, Hormones, Clinical Chemistry, Microbiology / Infectious Disease, Toxicology, Cytology and Histopathology.

SDC founded in 2016 which has a long way vision since the existence of Al Noor Medical Laboratory in Doha – Qatar, in the year 2008. When SDC first started out, our passion for helping the community providing with comprehensive diagnostic services drove us to give the impetus of hard work and inspiration.

In our 25 years of experience and leadership we achieve excellence through the continuous pursuit of the highest standards in healthcare quality. We strive to identify new and better ways of accomplishing our goals through continuous learning, creativity and collaboration.


Delivering quality healthcare services that exceed the customer expectations with a professional commitment and continuous improvement.


To be the trusted professional of healthcare delivery. To become the first choice Diagnostic Center for the customers in providing healthcare services with high quality and safety standards.


We anticipate and dedicate ourselves to the highest standards of patient care by considering the individuals healthcare needs.

We promote an atmosphere of trust, commitment to quality care services. Teamwork represents the willingness of all staff working together to achieve our mission of high quality healthcare.

We maintain honesty and integrity of each individual those we serve and those with whom we work with compassionate, integrity, confidentiality and fairness.

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